Spopets, a newcomer to the toy market, is launching a sporting doll like no other. Combining game, sporting history and the values ​​of the champion, the launch promises to be a real revolution on a sector still very codified and standardized, on which segmentation boys Vs girls is still present.

How does Spopets intend to penetrate the market and attract a target audience of enthusiasts, supporters and sports practitioners? Here are some answers that will allow you to understand a little better the idea and the concept … until the launch planned in the beginning of 2017!


There is an area that brings together (not without chauvinism a few times): it is sport! Over the past 30 years or so, it has also been hyper-mediated by becoming a global phenomenon thanks to the major competitions broadcast live on television: The Olympic Games, the World Cups of soccer bring together billions of viewers … Beyond Of sports business, sport is truly a source of hope for many of us: It creates social bond and participates in the emancipation of the human being who practices it. To keep fit, to lose weight, because of esthetic concerns or because he simply dreams of following in the footsteps of his idols.

Collective sports bear the values ​​shared by many of us: self-denial, self-transcendence, humility, respect … High-level athletes obviously serve as examples: They are references for the most young people who dream of one day reaching this performance level. But can also be pointed at the slightest deviation from driving. Francois Rozenthal, creator of Spopets, deplores it: « Of course I do not like hyper media coverage in some sports today and some drifts we know, quickly relayed by the media. But we must relativize all this and do not forget that above all an athlete when he has reached this level of competition and performance has to make a lot of sacrifices. He has trained more than anyone else and he has necessarily in him these values ​​of self-surpassing, abnegation. It is my vision of professional sport, these values ​​to which I adhere and which I will always defend. Now sportsmen have to be exemplary in life because they know what they represent for the youngest.  »


François Rozenthal is himself a former ice hockey champion. It is based on an observation: Why are there no toys (dolls in this case) totally dedicated to the sporting world. What do athletes represent and the values ​​they embody are so uninteresting? So he decided to create his own brand and his products that he describes as innovative. The former international explains: « The first idea was really to allow any child to dream by playing with toys that are close to his world of choice, in this case: sport. Today it simply does not exist. Then I really want to differentiate myself by giving the basics, the values ​​we have known to my teammates and myself in hockey. And it works in any sport! They are values ​​of commitment in life: Sharing, work, team spirit, pleasure … All these words that give meaning to the daily practice of our respective sports.  »

And a slogan that gives the first indications on the intentions of the brand: « Be the champion of your life ». Indeed, Spopets is not just a toy. François Rozenthal explains his approach: « By putting the child at the very heart of history, by offering him to write his own stories and to reach his own dreams, I want him to realize that he can become a champion. Not necessarily with the package that everyone thinks! That is to say the salary, the big car […] not me what matters to me is the baggage that he will take with him in life! This is what many professional sportsmen and women are experiencing that are not necessarily in the media spotlight on a daily basis. In saying this, Francois Rozenthal knows that he is going through an arduous task. But the ambition is noble and if its toys can convey certain values, why deprive it?

Another argument that flies in favor of the sports doll. Indeed, what opportunities are available to a young athlete who wants to continue his sport when he returns home? Video games ? Thumbnails to collect? Watch television ? Francois Rozenthal, supported in his approach by professionals of the youth and a psychomotrician, has a very precise opinion: « The functions of the play of imitation for a child are hyper important. From an early age, they stimulate creativity, allow mimicry to simulate events in everyday life and greatly promote communication and exchange with other children.

This new concept, François Rozenthal wants to test it first with young hockey players. A sport he knows well and knows him well. « My idea is to sell through the website on which we offer for sale online the full range of products, reproductions of collector jerseys, dolls and accessories to the unit. To this, I add the reproduction of a locker room in which the child can put away his accessories, his swimsuits and so not to leave dragging in his room, it should please the parents! In parallel, I also offer professional and amateur clubs dolls bearing the image of their club, stamped with their brand. A real merchandising product to enable them to reach young people and thus diversify their recipes from derivatives. « In the very short term, François Rozenthal wants to develop new product lines for collective sports such as Basketball, Foot, Hand or Still Rugby.


The peculiarity of the Spopets for its creator is that it does not resemble any other existing toy: « Yes of course it is a doll, but there is a real desire to differentiate me clearly from the competition. « I want that when children play with my toys, they say that everything is possible and that it is enough to give the means to get there. » Concerning the graphic universe, it immediately immerses us in a universe that evokes a return to the roots, the very foundations of our sport. A strategic choice on the sector of the doll that should not leave indifferent. If that were the case, the goal would be achieved for François Rozenthal: « When we talk about Spopets, I would like to see my brand not only as a toy brand but as a brand that defends principles And values ​​in all athletes. A common base for all of us! A brand that has a message to pass and that guides young people in their sporting career »


In 2017, everything should accelerate very quickly for François Rozenthal and his young company. Indeed, in March a participatory financing campaign will be set up via the KissKissBankBank site. François Rozenthal knows where he wants to go: « I will launch a » Crowdfunding « campaign to consolidate the first investments made. Thanks to this campaign, I hope to be able to raise at least 20000 € and thus finance the work with a communication agency to consolidate the brand identity and the production of the first Spopets! « . The purpose of this participatory financing and also based on the exchange that it wants to establish with its future donors, «Each donor to the sum of 150 € will receive in preview the doll accessorized and will be able to return to us on the technical improvements to consider. A real teamwork that is dear to my heart to ultimately meet and best meet the expectations of my consumers.  »

As of the month of May, at the occasion of the world championships of hockey organized in Paris, it will launch its first campaign of communication. Objective: to convince a few hockey clubs and gain notoriety notably via the website www.spopets.com.

You will understand, the former sportsmen remain passionate about their sport for life. François Rozenthal is one of them. Passionate to the fingertips for his sport, for sports in general. In the meantime, he hopes to make good collaborations with sports equipment manufacturers who also share these values! And we, we have not finished hearing about the Spopets …

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